87 Other use of special consultative procedure


This section applies in any case where—


neither section 86 nor 93A applies but a local authority is required to use or adopt the special consultative procedure; or


a local authority chooses to use the special consultative procedure.


In any case to which this section applies, the statement of proposal referred to in section 83(1)(a) is,—


if a plan or policy or similar document is proposed to be adopted, a draft of the proposed plan, policy, or document; and


in any other case, a detailed statement of the proposal.


A statement of proposal under subsection (2)(b) must include—


a statement of the reasons for the proposal; and


an analysis of the reasonably practicable options, including the proposal, identified under section 77(1); and


any other information that the local authority identifies as relevant.

Section 87(1)(a): amended, on 8 August 2014, by section 75 of the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2014 (2014 No 55).