Local Government Act 2002

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174 Authority to act


If an officer of a local authority or other person is authorised by this Act or another enactment to enter private land on behalf of the local authority, the local authority must provide a written warrant under the seal of the local authority as evidence that the person is so authorised.


The production of a warrant issued under subsection (1) is sufficient proof of a person’s authorisation.


An authorised person must, if requested, produce the warrant provided under subsection (1) before entering private land under the authority.


An officer or other person must surrender to the local authority the warrant provided under subsection (1) if—


the officer’s appointment is terminated; or


the authorisation referred to in subsection (1) is terminated.


This section does not apply to—


a dog control officer or dog ranger acting under a power of entry conferred by the Dog Control Act 1996; or


an enforcement officer acting under a power conferred by the Resource Management Act 1991; or


an inspector or authorised person acting under a power conferred by the Biosecurity Act 1993.

Compare: 1974 No 66 s 710