Local Government Act 2002

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Powers of entry

182 Power of entry to check utility services


An enforcement officer of a local authority may enter any land or building (but not a dwellinghouse) for the purpose of ascertaining whether—


water supplied from any waterworks or water race to any land or building is being wasted or misused; or


any drainage works on any land are being misused; or


any appliance or equipment associated with a local authority utility service on the land is in a condition that makes it dangerous to life or property.


The power under subsection (1) may only be exercised if the enforcement officer—


believes on reasonable grounds that the circumstances in any of paragraph (a), paragraph (b), or paragraph (c) of that subsection exist; and


the local authority gives reasonable notice to the occupier of the land or building of the intention to exercise the power.


If an enforcement officer is refused entry or obstructed when exercising the power in subsection (1), the local authority may restrict the water supply to the land or building, as provided for in section 193.

Compare: 1974 No 66 s 709