Subpart 1—Planning and decision-making

Significance and engagement policy

Heading: inserted, on 8 August 2014, by section 20 of the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2014 (2014 No 55).

76AA Significance and engagement policy


Every local authority must adopt a policy setting out—


that local authority’s general approach to determining the significance of proposals and decisions in relation to issues, assets, and other matters; and


any criteria or procedures that are to be used by the local authority in assessing the extent to which issues, proposals, assets, decisions, or activities are significant or may have significant consequences; and


how the local authority will respond to community preferences about engagement on decisions relating to specific issues, assets, or other matters, including the form of consultation that may be desirable; and


how the local authority will engage with communities on other matters.


The purpose of the policy is—


to enable the local authority and its communities to identify the degree of significance attached to particular issues, proposals, assets, decisions, and activities; and


to provide clarity about how and when communities can expect to be engaged in decisions about different issues, assets, or other matters; and


to inform the local authority from the beginning of a decision-making process about—


the extent of any public engagement that is expected before a particular decision is made; and


the form or type of engagement required.


The policy adopted under subsection (1) must list the assets considered by the local authority to be strategic assets.


A policy adopted under subsection (1) may be amended from time to time.


When adopting or amending a policy under this section, the local authority must consult in accordance with section 82 unless it considers on reasonable grounds that it has sufficient information about community interests and preferences to enable the purpose of the policy to be achieved.


To avoid doubt, section 80 applies when a local authority deviates from this policy.

Section 76AA: inserted, on 8 August 2014, by section 20 of the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2014 (2014 No 55).