Government Communications Security Bureau Act 2003

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Reprint as at 1 July 2013

Government Communications Security Bureau Act 2003

Public Act2003 No 9
Date of assent1 April 2003
Commencementsee section 2


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by the Government Communications Security Bureau.


1 Title

Part 1
Preliminary provisions

2 Commencement

3 Purpose

4 Interpretation

5 Act binds the Crown

Part 2
Organisation, objectives, and functions of Bureau

6 Bureau continued and established as department

7 Objective of Bureau

8 Functions of Bureau

9 Director of Bureau

10 Acting Director

11 Prohibition on unauthorised disclosure of information

12 Annual report

Part 3
Interception of communications

Purpose of Part

13 Purpose of Part

Restrictions imposed on interceptions

14 Interceptions not to target domestic communications

15 Interceptions for which warrant or authorisation required

16 Certain interceptions permitted without interception warrant or computer access authorisation

Interception warrants

17 Issue of interception warrant

18 Persons acting under warrant

Computer access authorisation

19 Authorisation to access computer system

Provisions applicable to warrants, authorisations, and powers under section 16

20 Director’s functions in relation to warrants and authorisations not to be delegated

21 Action taken in accordance with warrant or authorisation justified

22 Term of warrant or authorisation

23 Destruction of irrelevant records obtained by interception

24 Duty to minimise impact of interception on third parties

25 Prevention or detection of serious crime

Part 4
Provisions relating to other enactments

26 Amendment to Crimes Act 1961

27 Amendment to Higher Salaries Commission Act 1977

28 Amendment to Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act 1996

29 Amendment to New Zealand Security Intelligence Service Act 1969

30 Amendment to Official Information Act 1982

31 Amendment to Public Finance Act 1989

32 Amendment to Radiocommunications Act 1989

33 Amendments to State Sector Act 1988

34 Certain provisions of State Sector Act 1988 not to apply

35 Revocation

Reprint notes