Prostitution Reform Act 2003

4 Interpretation


In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,—

brothel means any premises kept or habitually used for the purposes of prostitution; but does not include premises at which accommodation is normally provided on a commercial basis if the prostitution occurs under an arrangement initiated elsewhere

business of prostitution means a business of providing, or arranging the provision of, commercial sexual services

client means a person who receives, or seeks to receive, commercial sexual services

commercial sexual services means sexual services that—


involve physical participation by a person in sexual acts with, and for the gratification of, another person; and


are provided for payment or other reward (irrespective of whether the reward is given to the person providing the services or another person)

member means a member of the Prostitution Law Review Committee

premises includes a part of premises

prostitution means the provision of commercial sexual services

Prostitution Law Review Committee means the committee appointed under section 43

public place


means a place that is open to, or being used by, the public, whether admission is free or on payment of a charge and whether any owner or occupier of the place is lawfully entitled to exclude or eject a person from that place; and


includes any aircraft, hovercraft, ship, ferry, or other vessel, train, or vehicle carrying or available to carry passengers for reward

sex worker means a person who provides commercial sexual services

small owner-operated brothel means a brothel—


at which not more than 4 sex workers work; and


where each of those sex workers retains control over his or her individual earnings from prostitution carried out at the brothel

territorial authority has the same meaning as in section 5(1) of the Local Government Act 2002.


In this Act, a reference to providing or receiving commercial sexual services means to provide or receive those services personally (rather than arranging another person to provide the services or arranging for the services to be received by another person).