Land Transport Management Act 2003

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14 Core requirements of regional land transport plans

Before a regional transport committee submits a regional land transport plan to a regional council or Auckland Transport (as the case may be) for approval, the regional transport committee must—


be satisfied that the regional land transport plan—


contributes to the purpose of this Act; and


is consistent with the GPS on land transport; and


have considered—


alternative regional land transport objectives that would contribute to the purpose of this Act; and


the feasibility and affordability of those alternative objectives; and


have taken into account any—


national energy efficiency and conservation strategy; and


relevant national policy statements and any relevant regional policy statements or plans that are for the time being in force under the Resource Management Act 1991; and


likely funding from any source.

Section 14: replaced, on 13 June 2013, by section 14 of the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 35).