96 Operating principles


In meeting its objective and undertaking its functions, the Agency must—


exhibit a sense of social and environmental responsibility; and


use its revenue in a manner that seeks value for money, and,—


if the revenue is part of the national land transport fund, in accordance with section 10(3); and


in all other cases, for the purpose for which it is collected; and


ensure that its revenue and expenditure are accounted for in a transparent manner; and


ensure that—


it acts in a transparent manner in its decision making under this Act; and


it gives, when making decisions in respect of land transport planning and funding under subpart 1 of Part 2, the same level of scrutiny to its own proposed activities and combinations of activities as it would give to those proposed by approved organisations.


The Agency must have systems and procedures to enable it to give effect to the principle set out in subsection (1)(d)(ii), and must—


make information about those systems and procedures available on its Internet site; and


include in its annual report under section 150 of the Crown Entities Act 2004 a report on its implementation of those systems and procedures.


The Auditor-General must, when carrying out the annual audit of the Agency under section 15 of the Public Audit Act 2001, report on the Agency’s implementation of the systems and procedures referred to in subsection (2).

Section 96: substituted, on 1 August 2008, by section 43 of the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2008 (2008 No 47).

Section 96(1)(a): replaced, on 13 June 2013, by section 62 of the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 35).