18 Powers and functions of security officers


A security officer has the following functions in respect of every prisoner who is under that security officer’s control while the officer undertakes courtroom custodial duties or escort duties:


preventing that prisoner’s escape from lawful custody:


preventing, or detecting and reporting on, the commission or attempted commission by that prisoner of unlawful acts:


ensuring good order and discipline on that prisoner’s part:


attending to that prisoner’s well-being:


attending to the security of any property of that prisoner that is in that prisoner’s possession.


A security officer has any other powers and functions that are conferred or imposed on security officers under this Act or under any other enactment.


For the purposes of this Act and any regulations made under this Act, a security officer has, in relation to the performance of the functions set out in subsection (1) and the powers and functions referred to in subsection (2), but only in relation to those powers and functions, all the powers and privileges of an officer.

Compare: 1954 No 51 s 36J