110 Owner must obtain reports on compliance schedule

An owner of a building for which a compliance schedule has been issued must—


obtain annual written reports relating to the inspection, maintenance, and reporting procedures of the compliance schedule signed by each independently qualified person or other person who carried out 1 or more of those procedures; and


keep those reports, together with the compliance schedule, for a period of 2 years; and


produce those reports for inspection, when required, by—


the territorial authority; and


any person or organisation who or that has the right to inspect the building under any Act; and


show the location of those reports and the compliance schedule on the building warrant of fitness displayed in accordance with section 108(4).

Compare: 1991 No 150 s 45(3)

Section 110(a): amended, on 13 March 2012, by section 49 of the Building Amendment Act 2012 (2012 No 23).

Section 110(a): amended, on 15 March 2008, by section 25 of the Building Amendment Act 2008 (2008 No 4).