71 Costs of contravention


On an application for the purpose or on its own initiative, the court may order a party to a parenting order (party B) to reimburse another party to the order (party A), either wholly or in part, for costs party A incurred, if the court is satisfied—


that party B contravened the order and had no reasonable excuse for doing so; and


that the contravention caused party A to incur the costs; and


that the costs party A incurred were reasonable in the circumstances.


An order under subsection (1) (the costs order) may require costs (being costs party A incurred and is, under the order, entitled to be reimbursed for by party B) to be satisfied from money—


deposited in the court by party B as a bond required by an order under section 70(1); and


forfeited by a direction under section 70(4) made at the same time as the costs order is made.


Nothing in this section limits section 121 or section 142.