Human Assisted Reproductive Technology Act 2004

Information about donors

47 Providers must obtain and accept information about donors


When a donor donates a donated embryo or a donated cell to or through a provider, the provider must ensure that the provider has obtained the following information about the donor or, as the case requires, about each donor:


the donor’s name:


the donor’s gender:


the donor’s address:


the date, place, and country of the donor’s birth:


the donor’s height:


the colour of the donor’s eyes and hair:


the donor’s ethnicity and any relevant cultural affiliation:


in the case of a Māori donor, the donor’s whanau, hapu, and iwi, to the extent that the donor is aware of those affiliations:


any aspects, considered significant by the provider, of the medical history of—


the donor; and


the donor’s parents and grandparents; and


the donor’s children (if any); and


the donor’s siblings (if any):


the donor’s reasons for donating.


The provider must accept any information that is offered by a donor that updates or corrects any of the information about the donor obtained under subsection (1).