59 Accountability for individual duties


The duties of the members of a statutory entity under sections 53 to 57 (individual duties) are duties owed to the responsible Minister and the statutory entity.


If a member does not comply with his or her individual duties, that member may be removed from office (subject to any requirements in sections 36 to 42, or in the entity’s Act, that are applicable to the member).


A statutory entity may bring an action against a member for breach of any individual duty.


Except as provided in subsections (2) and (3), a member is not liable for a breach of an individual duty under this Act.


This section does not affect any other ground for removing a member from office.


Subsection (4) does not affect—


anything else for which the member may be liable under any other Act or rule of law arising from the act or omission that constitutes the breach; or


the right to apply for a court order under section 60.