73 Ability to delegate


The board of a statutory entity may delegate any of the functions or powers of the entity or the board, either generally or specifically, to any of the following persons by resolution and written notice to the person or persons:


a member or members:


the chief executive or any other employee or employees, or office holder or holders, of the entity:


a committee:


any other person or persons approved by the entity’s responsible Minister:


any class of persons comprised of any of the persons listed in paragraphs (a) to (d):


a Crown entity subsidiary of the statutory entity.


Subsection (1) does not apply to any functions or powers specified in the entity’s Act as not being capable of delegation.


Subsection (1)(f) does not apply to any of the statutory entity’s statutorily independent functions.


The board must not delegate the general power of delegation.

Compare: 1988 No 20 ss 28, 41(1); 1993 No 105 s 130