84 Use of road for railway


If a part of a road is used or occupied for a railway line (other than at a level crossing), that part of the road ceases to be a highway.


If a railway line is constructed on or across a road at a level crossing, it is lawful for the licensed access provider for the railway line to allow, and for a licensed rail operator to carry on and conduct, the working and management of the railway concerned in every respect on or across that road, but not in a manner that unreasonably impedes the flow of road traffic across the railway line.


If a licensed access provider proposes to install or relocate a signal or sign used for rail traffic control that may confuse road users, the licensed access provider must consult the relevant road controlling authority before installing or relocating the signal or sign.


Nothing in subsection (1) or subsection (2) applies to a railway line operated solely for the use of light rail vehicles.

Compare: 1992 No 111 s 9