24 Complaints about registered architects


Any person may complain to the Board about the conduct of a registered architect in accordance with the rules.


As soon as practicable after receiving a complaint, the Board must—


decide whether to proceed with the complaint in accordance with the rules; and


if it decides to proceed with the complaint, appoint 1 or more persons in accordance with the rules to investigate, and report on, the complaint; and


determine the complaint in accordance with the rules after considering the report of that investigator or of those investigators (as the case may be).


If the Board determines not to proceed with a complaint because the matter relates to a building practitioner who is licensed under the Building Act 2004, the Board must refer the complaint to the Registrar of Licensed Building Practitioners appointed under that Act.


A complaint or inquiry, and any decision on the complaint or inquiry, may relate to a person who is no longer a registered architect but who was a registered architect at the time of the relevant conduct.

Compare: 2002 No 17 s 20

Section 24(2): replaced, on 30 August 2013, by section 4 of the Registered Architects Amendment Act 2012 (2012 No 66).