Public Records Act 2005

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Subpart 2—Control of public records


19 Registers


The Chief Archivist must keep the following registers:


a register of all transfers deferred under section 22; and


a register of public records discharged under section 25; and


a register of all records prescribed under section 38; and


a public access register that contains information on—


restrictions on public access to public records imposed under section 44(3); and


prohibitions imposed under section 49 on public access to public archives or protected records in the control of the Chief Archivist; and


the grounds for the prohibitions and restrictions recorded under this paragraph; and


the conditions agreed to under section 40(4)(a) as to public access for protected records transferred to the control of the Chief Archivist.


The Chief Archivist must make the registers available for public inspection.

Section 19(2): amended, on 1 February 2011, by section 11 of the Public Records Amendment Act (No 2) 2010 (2010 No 133).