173 Warrant to inspect bank accounts


A Standards Committee may apply to a Judge of the High Court or a District Court Judge for a warrant to empower any member of the Standards Committee, or any other person on its behalf,—


to examine or audit the account of any person in any bank; and


for the purpose of the examination or audit,—


to require any officer of the bank to produce any document or provide any information that relates to that account and is in the bank’s custody, care, or control; and


to take copies of any document so produced.


A warrant may be issued under subsection (1) only if the Judge of the High Court or District Court Judge issuing the warrant is satisfied, in relation to the account in respect of which the warrant is issued, that there is reasonable cause to believe that money entrusted to a practitioner or former practitioner or a related person or entity in connection with legal or conveyancing services has been fraudulently or wrongfully paid into that account.

Compare: 2001 No 10 s 27