KiwiSaver Act 2006

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Reprint as at 29 November 2010

KiwiSaver Act 2006

Public Act2006 No 40
Date of assent6 September 2006
Commencementsee section 2


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by the Inland Revenue Department and the Ministry of Economic Development.


1 Title

2 Commencement

Part 1
Preliminary provisions

3 Purpose

4 Interpretation

5 Meaning of provider

6 Application

7 Act binds the Crown

8 Outline

Part 2
Membership of overall KiwiSaver scheme

Subpart 1Becoming members of overall KiwiSaver scheme

9 Outline of how people become members of overall KiwiSaver scheme

Automatic enrolment rules

10 Who automatic enrolment rules apply to

11 Meaning of new employment and secondee

12 Temporary employment

13 Employment in schools [Repealed]

14 Other situations when automatic enrolment rules do not apply

15 Effect of automatic enrolment

16 Time limit for opting out

17 How to opt out

18 Extension of opt-out period

19 Commissioner must give notice to employer of opting out

20 Effect of opting out

21 Opt-out only applies to employment that triggered automatic enrolment rules

Notice requirements for employees and employers

22 Employees giving information to employers

23 Employers must give information to Commissioner

23A PAYE intermediaries

Exempt employers

24 Purpose of being exempt employer

25 Eligibility to be exempt employer

26 How 4% minimum amount may be calculated for exempt employer defined contribution schemes

27 Eligibility of employers who provide access to more than 1 scheme

28 Eligibility of employers who have schemes established under master trusts

29 How to apply to be exempt employer

30 How applications to be exempt employer must be dealt with

31 Revocation of exempt employer approval

32 Government Actuary must give notice to Commissioner of exempt employers

Opting in

33 Certain persons may opt in

34 Opting in by person 18 years or more

35 Opting in by persons under 18

36 Effect of opting in by employees

37 Effect of opting in by persons other than employees

Information about people who contract directly with providers

38 Providers must give notice to Commissioner if they contract directly with members

39 Commissioner must give notice to employer if provider gives notice that employee has opted in under section 38

Information about overall KiwiSaver scheme that must be provided

40 Commissioner must supply information pack

41 What information pack must contain

42 Employer must supply information pack to certain employees

43 Employer must also supply investment statement for employer’s chosen KiwiSaver scheme (if any)

Subpart 2Allocation of people to KiwiSaver schemes

44 Outline of how people are allocated to KiwiSaver schemes under subpart

People may choose their own KiwiSaver scheme

45 People may choose their own KiwiSaver scheme

Employer choice of KiwiSaver scheme

46 Employer may choose scheme for employees

47 When employer choice of KiwiSaver scheme is effective

48 Effect of employer choice of KiwiSaver scheme

49 Effect on existing members of change, etc, in employer chosen scheme

Default KiwiSaver schemes

50 Commissioner provisionally allocates certain people to default KiwiSaver schemes and sends investment statement

51 Completion of allocation to default KiwiSaver scheme if person does not choose his or her own KiwiSaver scheme

52 Effect of completion of allocation

Miscellaneous provisions

53 Person may be member of only 1 KiwiSaver scheme at any one time

Subpart 3Transfers between KiwiSaver schemes and between complying superannuation fund and KiwiSaver scheme

54 Application

Voluntary transfers

55 People may transfer between KiwiSaver schemes and between complying superannuation fund and KiwiSaver scheme

56 Notification of transfers and requirement to transfer funds and information

Involuntary transfers

57 Involuntary transfers

58 Information if employee ceases to be eligible to be member of employer’s chosen KiwiSaver scheme

59 Commissioner must send information to involuntary transferees

Subpart 4Initial and confirmed back-dated validation of invalid membership

59A When this subpart applies

59B Initial back-dated validation

59C Confirmed back-dated validation

59D What happens when initial back-dated validation ends, with no confirmed back-dated validation?

Part 3
KiwiSaver contributions

Subpart 1Deductions of contributions from salary or wages

Payments of salary or wages to which deduction rules apply

60 Application of subpart

61 Commissioner may give notice

62 When subpart does not apply

63 Part also applies to PAYE intermediaries

63A How subpart applies to private domestic workers

Deduction rules

64 Contribution rate

65 Contribution rates may be changed by Order in Council

66 Obligation to make deductions: general rule

66A Obligation to make deductions: transitional rule [Repealed]

67 PAYE rules apply to deductions

68 Money paid for things other than retirement benefits does not count as contribution under this Act

69 Unremitted deductions made by employers

70 Unexplained remittances of deductions received from employers

71 Time at which unexplained remittances deemed to be received

Subpart 2Miscellaneous provisions relating to contributions

Inland Revenue KiwiSaver Holding Account

72 Inland Revenue KiwiSaver Holding Account

73 Deductions entered in and paid out of holding account

74 Other contributions entered in and paid out of holding account

75 Initial contributions stay in holding account for 3 months

76 Employer contributions may stay in holding account until deducted contributions paid

77 Small amounts of contributions may be held until big enough to be on-paid

78 Treatment of unremitted deductions in holding account

79 Information that Commissioner must supply to providers when paying contributions

80 Refund by Commissioner of amounts paid in excess of required amount of deduction or if employee opts out

81 Refund by provider of amounts paid in excess of required amount of contribution

82 Trustee investment rules do not apply to contributions in holding account

83 Unclaimed money held by Commissioner

Interest on contributions

84 Interest on money in holding account

85 Time when contributions treated as received for interest purposes

86 Interest rate

87 Amount of interest payable

88 How and when interest is paid on on-payments

89 How and when interest is paid on refunds

90 Position if Commissioner’s paying rate changes

91 Overpaid interest

Subpart 3Contributions other than deductions from salary or wages

92 Application of this subpart

92A How subpart applies to private domestic workers

93 Employer contributions paid via Commissioner

94 Employer must give notice that employer contributions to be paid via Commissioner [Repealed]

95 Contributions from persons other than employers may be paid via Commissioner

96 What Commissioner must do with contributions received under this subpart

97 Commissioner must give notice if employer contributions not remitted

98 Short payments by employers if not enough money remitted to Commissioner to cover all of employees’ deductions and employer contributions

98A Quantifying short payments for the purposes of Income Tax Act 2007 and Tax Administration Act 1994

99 Short payments if not enough employer contribution remitted to cover all employees

100 Refunds of employer contribution by Commissioner if employee opts out

101 Refunds of employer contribution by provider

Subpart 3ACompulsory employer contributions to KiwiSaver schemes and complying superannuation funds

101A General

101B Compulsory contributions must be paid on top of gross salary or wages except to extent that parties otherwise agree after 13 December 2007

101C Employee’s requirements

101D Compulsory employer contribution amount: general rule

101E Payment: allocation between schemes and funds

101F Payment rules: employers

101FB Grace periods: employers

101FC De minimis: other contributions and hybrid schemes amount

101G Rules: providers

Complying superannuation funds

101H Failure to pay: provider notice

101I Failure to pay: Government Actuary's duties

101J Failure to pay: Commissioner

101K Recovered amounts

Subpart 4Contributions holiday

Applications for contributions holiday

102 Who may apply for contributions holiday

103 How to apply for contributions holiday

104 Granting of contributions holiday

105 Commissioner must give notice of grant of contributions holiday

106 When deductions stop at start of contributions holiday

107 Employers to whom contributions holiday applies

108 Contributions holidays have 3-month minimum life

End of contributions holiday

109 Commissioner must give notice before contributions holiday ends

110 Commissioner must give notice to employer of end of contributions holiday

111 When deductions start at end of contributions holiday

Revocation and reinstatement of contributions holiday

112 Revocation and reinstatement of contributions holiday

113 Refund of initial contributions

114 Refunds if employee loses, etc, contributions holiday notice

Part 4
KiwiSaver schemes

Subpart 1Preliminary provisions

115 Interpretation

Subpart 2Main features of KiwiSaver schemes

116 Schemes eligible to be KiwiSaver scheme

117 Additional duty of independent trustees

117A Restrictions on transactions

Application of Superannuation Schemes Act 1989 to KiwiSaver scheme

118 KiwiSaver scheme must be treated as registered superannuation scheme for most purposes

119 Application of section 7 of Superannuation Schemes Act 1989

120 Application of sections 8 to 11 of Superannuation Schemes Act 1989

121 Further modifications to application of sections 8 to 11 of Superannuation Schemes Act 1989

122 Application of other provisions of Superannuation Schemes Act 1989

123 Requirement for annual report

124 Annual report in case of KiwiSaver scheme established under umbrella trust

125 Requirement for annual return

125A Requirement for annual personalised statement of contributions and accumulations for members

Other implied provisions

126 KiwiSaver scheme rules are implied in trust deeds establishing KiwiSaver scheme

127 Exercise of functions by Government Actuary relating to clause 2 of KiwiSaver scheme rules

128 Participation agreements executed before registration

128A Terms relating to members’ tax credits implied into trust deed

128B Terms relating to back-dated validation implied into trust deed

128C Terms relating to lump sum payments by complying superannuation funds

128D Terms relating to compulsory employer contributions implied into trust deed

Amending trust deed in relation to KiwiSaver scheme

129 Amendment of trust deed or participation agreement governing KiwiSaver scheme

130 Consent to reversion of assets to employer

Subpart 3Registration of KiwiSaver schemes

Application to register new scheme as KiwiSaver scheme

131 Applications for registration of scheme governed by trust deed

132 Application for registration of scheme constituted under Act of Parliament

133 Matters required to be specified in application

134 Registration of scheme

Conversion of registered superannuation scheme

135 Trustees may submit proposal to convert superannuation scheme

136 Form of proposal

137 Government Actuary must provisionally register scheme as KiwiSaver scheme if satisfied of certain matters

138 Trustees must provide evidence of consents, and information, to Commissioner

139 Exceptions to requirements under section 138

140 Process for obtaining consents and evidence to be provided to Government Actuary

141 Government Actuary must register scheme as KiwiSaver scheme if certain conditions met

142 Date of registration and conversion

143 Trust deed must be treated as having been amended in accordance with registration proposal

144 Effect of conversion of registered superannuation scheme to KiwiSaver scheme

145 Status of contracts and other instruments

146 References to scheme in existing instruments

147 Continuation of legal and other proceedings

Establishment of KiwiSaver scheme under umbrella trust that also governs registered superannuation scheme

148 Trustees may submit proposal to establish KiwiSaver scheme under umbrella trust that also governs registered superannuation scheme

149 Form of proposal

150 Government Actuary must register KiwiSaver scheme if satisfied of certain matters

151 Date of registration

152 Trust deed must be treated as having been amended in accordance with registration proposal

153 Effect of registration of KiwiSaver scheme under section 150

154 Advice of right of election must be included in annual report provided under Superannuation Schemes Act 1989

155 Right of election of members of registered superannuation scheme

Subpart 4KiwiSaver schemes register

156 Register of KiwiSaver schemes

157 Operation of register

158 Purpose of register

159 Government Actuary is Registrar of register

160 Contents of register in relation to KiwiSaver schemes

161 Additional contents of register

162 Government Actuary may refuse access to or suspend operation of register, or omit or remove, or restrict public access to, information and documents in register

163 Amendments to register

164 Duty to notify changes to Government Actuary

165 Form of notice under section 164

Subpart 5Cancellation of registration and winding up

Cancellation of registration and winding up of KiwiSaver schemes

166 This subpart overrides provisions to contrary in trust deed

167 Meaning of winding up in relation to KiwiSaver scheme established under umbrella trust

168 Cancellation of registration and order to wind up KiwiSaver scheme

169 Powers of Government Actuary in event of scheme operating in contravention of this Act, etc

170 Government Actuary must remove scheme from register on cancellation of registration

171 Implied terms continue to be implied on cancellation of registration

172 Receiver or liquidator to designate or appoint independent trustee if required

Winding up

173 Initial steps in winding up of KiwiSaver scheme

174 Winding up report

175 Time for doing certain things may be extended

176 Member’s right to information

Subpart 6Default KiwiSaver schemes

177 Appointment of default providers

178 Provisions of instrument of appointment to prevail over provisions of trust deed

179 Effect of appointment under section 177

180 Availability of instrument of appointment

181 Appointment must be notified to Government Actuary and Commissioner

182 Minister not required to appoint maximum number of persons

183 Power of High Court to act in respect of terms and conditions of appointment as default KiwiSaver scheme and regulations relating to default KiwiSaver schemes

184 Revocations, etc, of instruments of appointment

185 Duration of obligations as default provider after terminating event

Subpart 7Miscellaneous

186 Objections and appeals against decisions of Government Actuary

187 Power of Government Actuary to delegate

188 Government Actuary may carry out investigation as to whether KiwiSaver scheme is operating in accordance with Act

189 Power of Government Actuary to require information

189B Duty to give notice to Government Actuary about fee increases

189C Powers of High Court in relation to unreasonable fees

190 Secrecy

191 Duty of certain persons to disclose information to Government Actuary

192 Protection of administration managers, investment managers, and auditors

193 Personal liability

194 Annual report by Government Actuary

195 Unclaimed money held by trustees of KiwiSaver scheme

196 Member’s interest in KiwiSaver scheme not assignable

197 Offence to fail to provide information under this Part

198 Other offences under this Part

199 Criminal penalties for offences under this Part

200 Government Actuary may decline to take action if fees not paid

201 Trustees not in breach of obligations, etc

202 Application of section 13G of Trustee Act 1956 if power of investment exercised in relation to member allocated to scheme under sections 50 to 52

203 General application of Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996

204 Application of Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996 to default allocation of members to KiwiSaver schemes

Part 5
General provisions

205 No Crown guarantee of KiwiSaver schemes or products

205A Investment statements must contain responsible investment statement

206 Factual description of, or transmission of information about, KiwiSaver scheme not financial adviser service

207 Unique identifiers

208 Information held by Commissioner in respect of person who has opted out or who should not have been allocated to overall KiwiSaver scheme

Interface with securities law

209 Application of Securities Act 1978

210 Certain sections of Securities Act 1978 modified in relation to KiwiSaver scheme

211 Duty of Commissioner under section 50 modified in certain cases in which section 210 applies

Disputes under Parts 2 and 3

212 Persons may request reconsideration of certain decisions of Commissioner

213 Reconsideration of other decisions


214 Application of section 215

215 Penalty for employer to fail to provide information

216 Penalty for employer to fail or incorrectly make deductions, or to short pay compulsory employer contributions [Repealed]

Giving of notices

217 Giving of notices by and to Commissioner

218 Giving of notices to other persons

219 Consent to electronic transactions

220 Special rules about giving of investment statements

Miscellaneous provisions

221 Refunds made by direct credit to bank account

222 Role of Commissioner under this Act

223 Use of information by Commissioner obtained under this Act and other Inland Revenue Acts

224 Administration of Act

225 Fee subsidies

226 Crown contribution

227 Status of Crown contribution and fee subsidy for tax purposes

228 Regulations

229 Regulations relating to mortgage diversion facility

230 Regulations relating to default KiwiSaver providers

230A Regulations relating to compulsory employer contributions

231 Amendments to other Acts

232 Transitional provision requiring all KiwiSaver contributions to be paid to Commissioner in first 3 months

233 Transitional provision: pre-1 July 2007 securities law documentation

234 Protection from non-compliance: Taxation (KiwiSaver) Act 2007

235 Protection from non-compliance: Taxation (Urgent Measures and Annual Rates) Act 2008

236 Protection from non-compliance: Taxation (Budget Tax Measures) Act 2009

Schedule 1
KiwiSaver scheme rules

Schedule 2
Matters to be specified in application for registration or registration proposal

Schedule 3
Amendments to other Acts

Schedule 4
Transitional rates for employers and employees


Reprint notes