Te Arawa Lakes Settlement Act 2006

Limits as to effect of this Part

42 Authorisations not affected


This Part does not limit or otherwise affect a right or authorisation provided by or under an enactment that does not require the consent of the owners of a Te Arawa lakebed—


to undertake an activity in, on, or in relation to, that Te Arawa lakebed; or


to exercise a power or perform a function or duty in, on, or in relation to that Te Arawa lakebed.


The rights and authorisations preserved by subsection (1) include, but are not limited to, a right or authorisation to—


place or install, permanently or temporarily, a structure of any kind in or on a Te Arawa lakebed:


enter and remain on a Te Arawa lakebed to carry out any activity, including to gain access to, or undertake an activity on, any structure placed or installed in or on the lakebed.