449A Information kept indefinitely on public register after multiple insolvency events


This section applies in the case of a person who—


is or has been bankrupt on 2 or more occasions; or


is or has been both bankrupt and discharged from the no asset procedure under section 377.


Information about the person must not be removed from the public register under this Act and, in particular, section 449(4), (4A), and (5) do not apply to the person.


The Assignee must ensure that the public register contains all of the information required by this Act about the person and each insolvency event.


Bankruptcies under the Insolvency Act 1967 count for the purposes of subsections (1) and (3), but bankruptcies under the Bankruptcy Act 1908 do not count for either purpose.

Section 449A: inserted, on 17 November 2009, by section 14 of the Insolvency Amendment Act 2009 (2009 No 52).