Sports Anti-Doping Act 2006

Version as at 28 October 2021

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Sports Anti-Doping Act 2006

Public Act
2006 No 58
Date of assent
7 November 2006
see section 2

The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

This Act is administered by Sport New Zealand.


3Purposes of this Act
5Act binds the Crown
6Drug Free Sport New Zealand continued
7Drug Free Sport NZ is Crown entity
8Drug Free Sport NZ must act independently
9Membership of Drug Free Sport NZ
10Eligibility for appointment as member of Drug Free Sport NZ
11Superannuation fund or retiring allowances
12Functions of Drug Free Sport NZ
13Powers of Drug Free Sport NZ
14Charges for testing
15Performing Drug Free Sport NZ’s functions and exercising Drug Free Sport NZ’s powers
16Board must make rules
17Incorporation of material by reference in rules
18Effect of amendments to, or replacement of, material incorporated by reference in rules
19Proof of material incorporated by reference
20Effect of expiry of material incorporated by reference
21Application of Legislation Act 2019 to material incorporated by reference
22Public access to material incorporated by reference
23Review of rules
24Application of Legislation Act 2012 to rules [Repealed]
25Application of Regulations (Disallowance) Act 1989 [Repealed]
26Application of Standards Act 1988 not affected
27Recognising needs and privacy of athletes
28Sharing of evidence and information by Customs, police, and others
29Sports Tribunal of New Zealand continued
30Membership of Tribunal
31Chairperson of Tribunal
32Deputy chairperson of Tribunal
33Eligibility for appointment as member of Tribunal
34Term of office of members of Tribunal
35Termination of appointment of member of Tribunal
36Remuneration, allowances, and expenses of members
37Members of Tribunal not personally liable
38Functions of Tribunal
39Procedure of Tribunal
40Evidence in proceedings before Tribunal
41Witness summons
42Service of summons
43Witnesses’ allowances
44Privileges and immunities
45Non-attendance or refusal to co-operate
46Contempt of Tribunal
48Matters commenced under New Zealand Sports Drug Agency Act 1994
49Meaning of Agency
50Tests, proceedings, matters, issues, or things before Agency
51References to Agency
52Preparation and making of rules before 1 July 2007
53Additional functions of Agency prior to 1 July 2007
54Use of information and evidence gathered under section 53(1)(a)
55Meaning of Sports Disputes Tribunal
56Issues, proceedings, matters, or things before Sports Disputes Tribunal
57References to Sports Disputes Tribunal
58Transitional remuneration of members of Tribunal
59New Zealand Sports Drug Agency Act 1994 repealed
60Regulations revoked
61Consequential amendments to other Acts