Epidemic notices and epidemic management notices

5 Prime Minister may enable use of special powers


With the agreement of the Minister of Health, the Prime Minister may, by notice in the Gazette, declare that he or she is satisfied that the effects of an outbreak of a stated quarantinable disease (within the meaning of the Health Act 1956) are likely to disrupt or continue to disrupt essential governmental and business activity in New Zealand (or stated parts of New Zealand) significantly.


Subsection (1) applies whether the outbreak is occurring within New Zealand or overseas.


If not renewed under section 7(1), the notice expires on the earliest of the following:


the day 3 months after its commencement:


a day stated in the notice:


a day stated for the purpose by the Prime Minister by further notice in the Gazette.


The Prime Minister must not give the notice except on, and after considering, the written recommendation of the Director-General of Health.


As soon as is possible after giving the notice, the Prime Minister must present a copy to the House of Representatives.


While the notice is in force, further notices may be given modifying its effect—


by lifting its application from stated parts of New Zealand; or


in the case of an epidemic notice that applies to only stated parts of New Zealand,—


by extending its application to other stated parts of New Zealand; or


by extending its application to the whole of New Zealand.


After the notice expires, a new notice can be given in respect of the same disease.