Parole Amendment Act 2007

Reprint as at 3 June 2017

Parole Amendment Act 2007

Public Act
2007 No 28
Date of assent
31 July 2007

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this eprint. See the notes at the end of this eprint for further details.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Justice and Department of Corrections.


3Principal Act amended
5Overview of release
6Guiding principles
7Part applies to all offenders
8General rules about information to be given to offenders
9New sections 13AA to 13AE inserted
13AAApplication for confidentiality order
13ABMaking of confidentiality order
13ACEffect of confidentiality order
13ADIf confidentiality order not made
13AEVariation or rescission of confidentiality order
10Standard release conditions
11Special conditions
12Electronic monitoring
13Release at statutory release date
14Conditions applying to release at statutory release date
15New section 23 substituted
23No consideration for parole of offenders on compassionate release
16Early referral and consideration for parole [Repealed]
17Direction for release on parole
18New section 29 substituted
29Release conditions applying to parole
19New sections 29A and 29B inserted
29ARelease conditions for person to whom extended supervision order applies
29BBoard may monitor compliance with conditions
20New heading and sections 33 to 35 substituted
33Residential restrictions
34Prior report on suitability of residential restrictions
35Residential restrictions only to be imposed if residence suitable and occupants consent
21New section 38 substituted
38Residential restrictions do not affect entitlements under Social Security Act 1964
22Application of procedures set out in sections 43 to 50
23Start of process
24Information for victims
25Decision on type of hearing
26Review of decision on type of hearing
27New section 47 substituted
47Interviews of offender before hearings
28Decisions must be notified
29Decisions to be notified to certain victims
30Date of release
31Release of offenders released at statutory release date
32Licence issued on release
33New section 54 substituted
54Police must be advised
34Application for variation or discharge of conditions
35Application of section 56 during epidemic
36Procedure for determining applications
37Board determines application for variation or discharge
38Making recall application
39Grounds for recall
40Making interim recall order
41Procedure for determining recall applications
42Board may make final recall order
43Review of decisions
44Powers of court on appeal
45Offence to breach conditions
46New section 72 substituted
72Offence to refuse entry to residence specified under residential restrictions
47Arrest without warrant
48Non-parole periods [Repealed]
49New section 86 substituted [Repealed]
50Meaning of pre-sentence detention
51Time ceases to run in certain circumstances
52Application of this Part to offenders subject to pre-cd sentences
53Variation and cancellation of final release dates
54Overview of Part
55Meaning of relevant offence
56Meaning of eligible offender
57Chief executive may apply for extended supervision order
58Procedure following application for extended supervision order
59Hearings relating to extended supervision orders
60New section 107IA inserted
107IACourt may impose special conditions on interim basis
61New sections 107J and 107JA substituted
107JConditions of extended supervision order
107JAStandard extended supervision conditions
62Board may impose special conditions
63Commencement and expiry of extended supervision order
64Suspension of conditions of extended supervision order
65Effect of new sentence on offender subject to extended supervision order
66Functions of Board
67New sections 109A and 109B inserted [Repealed]
68Panel conveners
69Decisions of Board
70Information before Board
71New heading and sections 118A to 118D inserted
118APower to summon witnesses
118BService of summons
118CProtection of witnesses
72Transitional provisions relating to home detention
73Transitional provisions relating to hearings
74Transitional provision relating to extended supervision order
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