10 No representation of association with major event


No person may, during a major event’s protection period, make any representation in a way likely to suggest to a reasonable person that there is an association between the major event and—


goods or services; or


a brand of goods or services; or


a person who provides goods or services.


In subsection (1), a person who makes a representation includes a person who—


pays for, commissions, or authorises the representation; or


receives consideration for the placement or the location of the representation.


The Football World Cup finals are to be held in New Zealand in 2007. The Football World Cup finals are declared to be a major event under section 7.

Company A pays Company B to produce hats with writing on them that states “Company A—proud to bring you the 2007 Football World Cup”.

Neither Company A nor Company B has the written authorisation of the major event organiser for Company A’s representation of an association between itself and the Football World Cup.

Both Company A and Company B are in breach of section 10.