Income Tax Act 2007

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  • Warning: Some amendments have not yet been incorporated
  • This version was republished on 26 May 2023 to incorporate the amendments made by the Taxation (Annual Rates for 2022–23, Platform Economy, and Remedial Matters) Act 2023 (2023 No 5).

Subpart CW—Exempt income


CW 1Forestry companies established by the Crown, Maori owners, and holding companies acquiring land with standing timber from founders
CW 1BTreaty of Waitangi claim settlements: rights to take timber
CW 2Forestry encouragement agreements
CW 3Forestry companies and Maori investment companies
CW 3BPre-1990 forest land units: emissions trading scheme [Repealed]
CW 3CCertain subdivisions of land
CW 4Annuities under life insurance policies
CW 5Payments of interest: post-war credits
CW 6Payments of interest: farm mortgages
CW 7Foreign-sourced interest
CW 8Money lent to government of New Zealand
CW 8BCertain amounts derived from use of assets
CW 9Dividend derived from foreign company
CW 10Dividend within New Zealand wholly-owned group
CW 10BDividends derived by council-controlled organisation holding companies
CW 11Dividend of conduit tax relief holding company [Repealed]
CW 12Proceeds of share disposal by qualifying foreign equity investor
CW 13Proceeds from share or option acquired under venture investment agreement
CW 14Dividends derived by qualifying companies
CW 15Dividends paid by qualifying companies
CW 16Allowance of Governor-General and other benefits and privileges
CW 16BAccommodation expenditure: out-of-town secondments and projects
CW 16CTime periods for certain accommodation expenditure
CW 16DAccommodation expenditure: conferences and overnight stays
CW 16EAccommodation expenditure: new employees
CW 16FAccommodation expenditure: multiple workplaces
CW 17Expenditure on account, and reimbursement, of employees
CW 17BRelocation payments
CW 17CPayments for overtime meals and certain other allowances
CW 17CBPayments for certain work-related meals
CW 17CCPayments for distinctive work clothing
CW 18Allowance for additional transport costs
CW 19Amounts derived during short-term visits
CW 20Amounts derived by visiting entertainers including sportspersons
CW 21Amounts derived by visiting crew of pleasure craft
CW 22Amounts derived by overseas experts and trainees in New Zealand by government arrangement
CW 23Income for military or police service in operational area
CW 24Deferred military pay for active service
CW 25Value of board for religious society members
CW 26Jurors’ and witnesses’ fees
CW 26BExempt ESS
CW 26CMeaning of exempt ESS
CW 26DMeaning of employee
CW 26DBMeaning of market value
CW 26EMeaning of normal retiring age
CW 26FMeaning of share
CW 26GMeaning of trustee
CW 27Certain income derived by transitional resident
CW 28Pensions
CW 28BForeign superannuation withdrawal in initial period of residency
CW 28CForeign superannuation withdrawal exceeding given amount
CW 29Reinvested amounts from foreign superannuation schemes in Australia
CW 29BAmounts from Australian complying superannuation schemes reinvested in KiwiSaver schemes
CW 30Annuities from Crown Bank Accounts
CW 31Services for members and former members of Parliament
CW 32Maintenance payments
CW 33Allowances and benefits
CW 34Compensation payments
CW 35Personal service rehabilitation payments
CW 36Scholarships and bursaries
CW 37Film production grants [Repealed]
CW 38Public authorities
CW 38BPublic purpose Crown-controlled companies
CW 39Local authorities
CW 40Local and regional promotion bodies
CW 40BTe Urewera Board
CW 40CTe Pou Tupua
CW 41Charities: non-business income
CW 42Charities: business income
CW 42BCommunity housing trusts and companies
CW 43Charitable bequests
CW 44Friendly societies
CW 45Funeral trusts
CW 46Bodies promoting amateur games and sports
CW 47TAB NZ and racing clubs
CW 48Income from conducting gaming-machine gambling
CW 49Bodies promoting scientific or industrial research
CW 50Veterinary services bodies
CW 51Herd improvement bodies
CW 52Community trusts
CW 52BDisability support services
CW 53Distributions from complying trusts
CW 54Foreign-sourced amounts derived by trustees
CW 55Maori authority distributions
CW 55BATertiary education institutions and subsidiaries
CW 55BABRebate of fees paid by FIF
CW 55BBMinors’ income, to limited extent
CW 55BAmounts of exempt income for partners
CW 56Non-resident aircraft operators
CW 57Non-resident company involved in exploration and development activities
CW 58Disposal of companies’ own shares
CW 59New Zealand companies operating in Niue
CW 59BIncome of and distributions by certain international funds
CW 59CLife reinsurance claims from reinsurer outside New Zealand
CW 60Stake money
CW 61Providing standard-cost household service
CW 62Interest paid under the KiwiSaver Act 2006
CW 62BVoluntary activities
CW 62CIncome from foreign-currency loans used for disallowed residential property
CW 63Avoidance arrangements
CW 64Exemption under other Acts
CW 65New Zealand Railways Corporation restructure: exempt income