DB 43 Making good loss from misappropriation by partners
When this section applies


This section applies when a person carrying on a business in partnership pays an amount to make good a loss that arises from a partner, other than the person or the person’s spouse, civil union partner, or de facto partner, misappropriating property that—


belongs to another person who is neither a partner in the partnership nor the spouse, civil union partner, or de facto partner of a partner; and


is received in the course of the business either by the partnership or 1 or more of its partners.



The person is allowed a deduction for the amount if the person is under a legal liability to make good the loss.

Timing of deduction


The deduction is allocated to the income year in which the amount is paid.

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This section supplements the general permission and overrides the capital limitation. The other general limitations still apply.

Defined in this Act: amount, business, capital limitation, deduction, general limitation, general permission, income year, pay, supplement

Compare: 2004 No 35 s DB 34