Court Martial Act 2007

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20 Salaries and allowances of Judges


Each Judge is to be paid, out of public money, without further authority than this section,—


a salary at the rate that the Remuneration Authority determines; and


any allowances that are determined by the Remuneration Authority; and


any additional allowances (being travelling allowances or other incidental or minor allowances) that may be determined by the Governor-General.


In the case of the Chief Judge or a Deputy Chief Judge, the rate of salary and the allowances determined may be higher than those for the other Judges.


The salary of a Judge is not to be reduced while the Judge holds office.


The salary and allowances payable for a period during which a Judge acts on a part-time basis must be calculated and paid on a pro rata basis as a proportion of the salary and allowances for a full-time equivalent position.


For the purpose of subsection (3), the payment of salary and allowances on a pro rata basis under subsection (4) is not a reduction of salary.


Any determination made under subsection (1), and any provision of the determination, may be made so as to come into force on a date specified in the determination, being the date of the making of the determination or any other date, whether before or after the date of the making of the determination or the date of the commencement of this section.


Every determination made under subsection (1), and every provision of the determination, for which no date is specified under subsection (6) comes into force on the date of the making of the determination.