When informed consent required and not required

19 Collection or use for which informed consent required


The following, if done, must be done with informed consent:


collection or use of human tissue that is, or is collected from, a body:


collection of non-health-care tissue for donor analysis:


donor analysis of non-health-care tissue:


use for a secondary purpose, after the donor’s death, of human tissue collected from a living individual.


Subsection (1) does not apply to collection or use—


for a purpose specified in section 20; or


for a purpose that is an offence against, or prohibited by, any law (other than sections 22, 23, and 24).


An example of collection or use of the kind referred to in subsection (2)(b) is any collection or use that is an improper or indecent interference with, or offering of an indignity to, any dead human body or human remains, whether buried or not, contrary to section 150(b) of the Crimes Act 1961.