Subpart 5—Command and control of Police

30 Command and control


Every Police employee must obey and be guided by—


general instructions; and


the Commissioner’s circulars; and


any applicable local orders.


Every Police employee must obey the lawful commands of a supervisor.


In the absence of a supervisor, the supervisor’s authority and responsibility devolves on—


the Police employee available who is next in level of position; and


in the case of equality, the longest serving Police employee.


No Police employee may, when exercising any power or carrying out any function or duty, act under the direction, command, or control of—


a Minister of the Crown; or


a person who is not authorised by or under this Act or any other enactment or rule of law to direct, command, or control the actions of a Police employee.


Subsection (4) does not apply to a Police employee outside New Zealand who—


is part of an overseas operation within the meaning of section 86; or


is an employee within the meaning of section 91.

Compare: SR 1992/14 r 5