150 Special provision relating to claimants granted temporary visas


This section applies to any person who—


is a claimant to whom a temporary entry class visa has been granted, whether before or after the person became a claimant; or


having been a person to whom paragraph (a) applies, ceases to be a claimant by virtue of his or her claim being declined.


A person to whom this section applies may not, either before or after the expiry of the temporary entry class visa,—


apply for a further visa of any class or type while in New Zealand; or


while in New Zealand, request a special direction or make a request for the grant of a visa under section 61; or


bring any appeal under section 187 to the Tribunal.


Despite subsection (2)(a), a claimant may apply for a further temporary visa for such period as may be required for the claimant to be lawfully in New Zealand while his or her claim is determined.


Nothing in this section prevents a person from bringing an appeal to the Tribunal under section 206.


This section ceases to apply to a person if and when—


the person is recognised as a refugee or a protected person; or


the person leaves New Zealand; or


the person is granted a visa (other than a temporary visa granted under the exception referred to in subsection (3)).

Compare: 1987, No 74 s 129U