181 Consequences for deported person if person enters or attempts to enter New Zealand during period of prohibition on entry


Subsection (2) applies to a person who—


is deported from New Zealand; and


on deportation, is subject to a period of prohibition on entry to New Zealand under section 179 or 180(1); and


attempts to enter or enters New Zealand during the period of prohibition in one of the following ways:


by boarding a craft, or attempting to board a craft, that is travelling to New Zealand:


by arriving in New Zealand:


by entering New Zealand.


The period of prohibition on entry to which the person is subject under section 179 restarts as from the later of the following dates:


the date the person attempts to re-enter, if the attempted entry is unsuccessful:


the date the person is once again deported from New Zealand, if the attempted re-entry is successful.


If, despite a prohibition on entry applying to a person, a person re-enters New Zealand and the person becomes subject to a further prohibition on entry, the period of prohibition on entry that applies to the person on the subsequent deportation is the longest prohibition applicable under the table set out in section 179.