Special procedure where classified information involved

240 How proceedings involving classified information to be conducted by Tribunal


If proceedings before the Tribunal involve classified information, the Tribunal must consist of—


the chair of the Tribunal; or


the chair of the Tribunal and 1 or 2 other members.


If subsection (1)(b) applies, each member must be—


a member of the Tribunal who is a District Court Judge; or


a nominated District Court Judge.


In this section, nominated District Court Judge means—


the Chief District Court Judge; or


a District Court Judge (other than the chair of the Tribunal) nominated by the Chief District Court Judge to be seconded to the Tribunal to exercise its jurisdiction in relation to proceedings involving classified information.


For the purposes of subsection (2)(b), the Chief District Court Judge may nominate a maximum of 2 District Court Judges (other than himself or herself) at any one time.