Unit Titles Act 2010

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212 Designated resolutions
  • For the purposes of this subpart, designated resolution means a resolution relating to—

    • (a) subdivision of a principal unit to create a subsidiary unit title development under section 20:

    • (b) depositing a substituted proposed unit development plan under section 30:

    • (c) approving the method of apportionment of a utility interest under section 41(6):

    • (d) sales, leases, or licences of common property under section 56:

    • (e) additions to common property under section 58:

    • (f) grants, variations, or surrenders of easements over common property under section 62:

    • (g) covenants over common property and the variation or surrender of such covenants under section 62:

    • (h) redevelopments requiring deposit of a new unit plan under section 68:

    • (i) application of insurance money for purposes other than reinstatement of the unit title development under section 136(4):

    • (j) purchases of reversionary interests in leasehold land under section 167(3):