Electricity Industry Act 2010

Subpart 2—Registration

27 Register of industry participants


The Authority must maintain and publicise a register of industry participants.


The register must record—


the name, contact details, and business details of every current industry participant, other than a participant that is exempt from the obligation to register:


the date on which a participant’s name was first entered in the register:


the date and nature of every subsequent change to the details recorded for each participant:


the name of every person who, after this section comes into force, has been recorded as a current industry participant but subsequently ceases to be.


For the purposes of the register,—


an industry participant’s contact details are its physical address, postal address, telephone number, fax number, and email address; and


an industry participant’s business details are details about the nature of its business (for example, whether it is involved in generation, transmission, distribution, retailing, or a combination of any of these).


The register may, but need not, contain the names of all or any industry participants that are exempt from the obligation to be registered.

Compare: SR 2003/374 rr 9, 10, 12