Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011

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Subpart 2—Public rights and powers over common marine and coastal area

Rights of access

26 Rights of access


Every individual has, without charge, the following rights:


to enter, stay in or on, and leave the common marine and coastal area:


to pass and repass in, on, over, and across the common marine and coastal area:


to engage in recreational activities in or on the common marine and coastal area.


The rights conferred by this section are subject to any authorised prohibitions or restrictions that are imposed under section 79, or by or under any other enactment.


A prohibition or restriction of the kind described in subsection (2) may, subject to the enactment in which it is contained or by which it is authorised, apply to—


any or all of the rights conferred by this section:


1 or more ways of exercising those rights:


1 or more defined periods, or an indefinite period, or recurring periods of a stated kind:


1 or more specified areas.


In this section, enactment includes bylaws, regional plans, and district plans.