Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011

Recognition orders

109 Form of recognition order


An applicant group in whose favour the Court grants recognition of a protected customary right or customary marine title must submit a draft order for approval by the Registrar of the Court.


Every recognition order must specify—


the particular area of the common marine and coastal area to which the order applies; and


the group to which the order applies; and


the name of the holder of the order; and


contact details for the group and for the holder.


A protected customary rights order must also include—


a description of the right, including any limitations on the scale, extent, or frequency of the exercise of the right; and


a diagram or map that is sufficient to identify the area.


Every customary marine title order must include—


a survey plan that sets out the extent of the customary marine title area, to a standard of survey determined for the purpose by the Surveyor-General; and


a description of the customary marine title area; and


any prohibition or restriction that is to apply to a wāhi tapu or wāhi tapu area within the customary marine title area.