79 Performance review committee


The Secretary must establish a performance review committee.


The function of the committee is to assess and advise the Secretary of any matter referred to the committee by the Secretary relating to the performance of a provider.


The Secretary may make a referral to the committee if—


the Secretary reasonably believes that a provider of legal aid services or specified legal services has failed to comply with any condition of his or her approval, or any provision of this Act or the regulations; and


the Secretary considers that the person’s failure, if proven, would justify cancellation or modification of the person’s approval.


The members of the committee must be appointed by the Secretary.


The Secretary must appoint a member with at least 7 years’ legal experience as chairperson of the committee.


The Committee must consist of members who, collectively,—


have expertise in the areas of law in which the provider is providing legal aid services or specified legal services; and


understand the needs and interests of courts, aided persons, and the legal profession; and


have expertise in financial management in the State sector.