Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011

  • repealed
  • Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011: repealed, on 19 April 2016, by section 146(1) of the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Act 2016 (2016 No 14).
75 Further provisions about Orders in Council


This section applies to Orders in Council made under section 71.


An order may not be held invalid just because‚ÄĒ


it is, or authorises any act or omission that is, inconsistent with any other Act; or


it confers any discretion on, or allows any matter to be determined or approved by, any person.


An order may be expressed to come into force on a day that is before, on, or after the date on which it is made, but not earlier than 4 September 2010; and the order comes into force or, as the case may be, is deemed to have come into force accordingly.


An order may be retrospective only to the extent provided for in subsection (3).


So far as it is authorised by this Act, an order has the force of law as if it were enacted as a provision of this Act.