Criminal Procedure Act 2011

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106 Decision of court


The court, having heard what each party has to say and the evidence adduced by each, must consider the matter and may find the defendant guilty or not guilty.


The court must give reasons for its decision under subsection (1).


The court may, if it thinks fit, reserve its decision under subsection (1).


If the court reserves its decision, the court must—


give it at any adjourned or subsequent sitting of the court; or


record the decision, authenticate it, and send it to the Registrar.


If a decision is sent to the Registrar under subsection (4), the Registrar must deliver it at a time and place appointed by the Registrar.


A reserved decision delivered by the Registrar has the same force and effect as if given by the court on that date.


The reasons for the court’s decision may accompany the court’s decision, or be given later.

Compare: 1957 No 87 s 68