202 Court may suppress identity of witnesses, victims, and connected persons


A court that is hearing a proceeding in respect of an offence may make an order forbidding publication of the name, address, or occupation of any person who—


is called as a witness; or


is a victim of the offence; or


is connected with the proceedings, or is connected with the person who is accused of, or convicted of, or acquitted of the offence.


The court may make an order under subsection (1) only if the court is satisfied that publication would be likely to—


cause undue hardship to the witness, victim, or connected person; or


create a real risk of prejudice to a fair trial; or


endanger the safety of any person; or


lead to the identification of another person whose name is suppressed by order or by law; or


prejudice the maintenance of the law, including the prevention, investigation, and detection of offences; or


prejudice the security or defence of New Zealand.


Subsection (1) applies whether or not the court has made an order under section 200 suppressing the identity of the defendant.


An order under subsection (1) suppressing the identity of a witness, victim, or connected person may not prevent publication of the name of the defendant (which may be prohibited only by an order made under section 200) or the nature of the charge.

Compare: 1985 No 120 ss 138(2)(b), 140(1)