Schedule 1 Category 4 offences

s 6

Part 1—Offences against Crimes Act 1961

Section 68(1)Party to murder outside New Zealand
Section 68(2)Inciting murder outside New Zealand (not committed)
Section 69(1)Party to crime of treason, inciting to mutiny, or espionage outside New Zealand
Section 69(2)Inciting treason, mutiny, or espionage outside New Zealand (not committed)
Section 73Treason (or conspiracy to commit treason)
Section 74(3)Attempted treason
Section 76Accessory to, or failure to prevent, treason
Section 77Inciting to mutiny
Section 78Espionage
Section 79(1)Sabotage
Section 92(1)Piracy
Section 95Attempts to commit piracy
Section 96Conspiring to commit piracy
Section 98(1)Dealing in slaves
Section 100Judicial corruption
Section 101Bribery of judicial officer, etc
Section 102Corruption and bribery of Minister of the Crown
Section 103Corruption and bribery of member of Parliament
Section 172Murder
Section 173Attempted murder
Section 174Attempting to procure murder (not committed)
Section 175Conspiracy to murder
Section 177Manslaughter
Section 178Infanticide

Part 2—Offences against other enactments

Anti-Personnel Mines Prohibition Act 1998
Section 7Using, etc, an anti-personnel mine
Aviation Crimes Act 1972
Section 3Hijacking
Section 5Other crimes relating to aircraft
Section 5ACrimes relating to international airports
Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act 1996
Section 6Chemical weapons
Section 8Riot control agents
Crimes (Internationally Protected Persons, United Nations and Associated Personnel, and Hostages) Act 1980
Section 3Crimes against persons
Section 4Crimes against premises or vehicles
Section 5Threats against persons
Section 8Hostage-taking
Crimes of Torture Act 1989
Section 3Acts of torture
Geneva Conventions Act 1958
Section 3(1)Grave breaches of Conventions or First Protocol
International Crimes and International Criminal Court Act 2000
Section 9Genocide
Section 10Crimes against humanity
Section 11War crimes
Section 15Corruption of a Judge
Section 16Bribery of a Judge
Section 17Corruption and bribery of an official of the ICC
Section 18Giving false evidence before the ICC
Section 19Fabricating evidence before the ICC
Section 20Conspiracy to defeat justice in the ICC
Section 21Interference with witnesses or officials of the ICC
Maritime Crimes Act 1999
Section 4Offences relating to ships
Section 4AFurther offences relating to ships
Section 4BOffences relating to transportation of weapons and nuclear material and equipment
Section 4COffences relating to transportation of fugitives by ship
Section 5Offences relating to fixed platforms
Section 5AFurther offences relating to fixed platforms
Section 6Offences relating to death and injury
Mercenary Activities (Prohibition) Act 2004
Section 7Recruiting a person to be a mercenary
Section 8Using a mercenary
Section 9Financing a mercenary
Section 10Training a prospective mercenary
Section 11Training a mercenary
Section 12Taking part as a mercenary in hostilities in an armed conflict or in a concerted act of violence
New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament, and Arms Control Act 1987
Sections 5–8, 14Offences against Act
Nuclear-Test-Ban Act 1999
Section 5Nuclear explosions prohibited
Terrorism Suppression Act 2002
Section 6ATerrorist act: credible threat, attempt, and carrying out
Section 6BTerrorist act: planning or other preparations to carry out (but, despite section 6(2)(a) and (b) of this Act, and in line with section 6B(5), this item does not make any of the following also a category 4 offence:
(a)conspiring to commit an offence against section 6B:
(b)attempting to commit an offence against section 6B:
(c)inciting or counselling or procuring or attempting to procure any person to commit an offence against section 6B that is not committed)
Section 7Terrorist bombing
Section 8Financing of, or provision of material support for, terrorism
Section 9Prohibition on dealing with property of, or derived or generated from property of, designated terrorist entity
Section 10Prohibition on making property, or material support, available to designated terrorist entity
Section 12Recruiting members of terrorist groups
Section 13Participating in terrorist groups
Section 13AAProviding or receiving weapons or combat training for terrorist purposes
Section 13AHarbouring or concealing terrorists
Section 13BOffences involving use and movement of unmarked plastic explosives
Section 13COffences involving physical protection of nuclear material
Section 13DImportation, acquisition, etc, of radioactive material
Section 13EOffences involving radioactive material and radioactive devices
Section 13FTravelling intending to commit specified offence

Schedule 1 Part 2 Maritime Crimes Act 1999: replaced, on 27 May 2018, by section 24 of the Maritime Crimes Amendment Act 2017 (2017 No 49).

Schedule 1 Part 2 Terrorism Suppression Act 2002: replaced, on 5 October 2021, by section 57 of the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Act 2021 (2021 No 37).