Other instruments

14 Publication of instruments other than legislative instruments


The Attorney-General or the Chief Parliamentary Counsel may arrange for an instrument that is not a legislative instrument to be published in accordance with section 6 as if it were a legislative instrument.


An instrument is not a legislative instrument for the purposes of this subpart just because it is published under this section.


The following provisions apply to every instrument that is published under this section:


section 11 (numbering of legislative instruments):


section 12 (notice of making of legislative instruments):


section 13 (complying with requirement to publish or notify in Gazette by publishing and notifying under this Act):


section 16 (judicial notice of Acts, regulations, and legislative instruments):


section 17 (electronic and printed official versions of legislation):


section 18 (legal status of official version):


section 20 (directions as to form of copies and reprints of legislation):


section 21 (special requirements for copies of legislative instruments).

Compare: 1989 No 142 s 14