Legislation Act 2012

Before its repeal, this Act was administered by: Ministry of Justice and Parliamentary Counsel Office
  • repealed
  • Legislation Act 2012: repealed, on 28 October 2021, by section 10 of the Legislation (Repeals and Amendments) Act 2019 (2019 No 59).
18 Legal status of official version


An official version of legislation as originally enacted or made is taken to correctly set out the text of the legislation.


An official version that is a reprint—


is taken to correctly state, as at the date at which it is stated to be reprinted, the law enacted or made by the legislation reprinted and by the amendments (if any) to that legislation; and


is evidence that any changes made in the reprint are authorised by subpart 2.


An official version of regulations or a legislative instrument, or of a reprint of regulations or a legislative instrument, that shows the date of the notification of the regulations or legislative instrument in the Gazette is evidence that the making of the regulations or legislative instrument was notified in the Gazette on the date shown.


The presumptions in subsections (1) to (3) apply unless the contrary is shown.


For the purposes of the amendment of, incorporation of, or reference to legislation that has been reprinted under subpart 2 with changes authorised by that subpart, those changes have effect as if enacted or made, as the case may be, expressly by other legislation having effect immediately before the reprint date.

Compare: Reprints Act 1992 s 9 (Qld)