Legislation Act 2012

  • repealed
  • Legislation Act 2012: repealed, on 28 October 2021, by section 10 of the Legislation (Repeals and Amendments) Act 2019 (2019 No 59).

Subpart 2—Incorporation by reference in instruments

48 Interpretation


In this subpart, unless the context otherwise requires,—

administering department means the department, Ministry, Office of Parliament, or other organisation that is responsible for administering the instrument

chief executive means the chief executive of the administering department

inspection sites means the head office of the administering department and any other places that the chief executive may, at his or her discretion, determine are appropriate



means any instrument (whether called regulations, rules, an Order in Council, a notice, bylaws, a code, a framework, or by any other name) that has legislative effect and that is authorised by an enactment; but


does not include a bylaw that is subject to the Bylaws Act 1910

material means—


material referred to in section 49(3); but


does not include anything incorporated by reference by that material

parent Act means an Act that is a parent Act for the purpose of section 49.


For the purposes of this subpart, unless the context otherwise requires, an instrument incorporates material by reference if the instrument does 1 or more of the following:


incorporates the material in whole or in part, and with or without modification:


incorporates amendments to which section 53 applies.