Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

147 Particular discretionary conditions and compulsory conditions: special licences


The licensing committee concerned may issue a special licence subject to conditions of any or all of the following kinds:


conditions prescribing steps to be taken by the licensee to ensure that the provisions of this Act relating to the sale of alcohol to prohibited persons are observed:


conditions prescribing the people or kinds of person to whom alcohol may be sold or supplied:


in the case of premises where (in the opinion of the committee) the principal business carried on is not the manufacture or sale of alcohol, conditions relating to the kind or kinds of alcohol that may be sold or delivered on or from the premises:


conditions requiring the provision of food for consumption on the premises concerned:


conditions requiring low-alcohol beverages to be available for sale and supply:


conditions requiring non-alcoholic beverages to be available for sale and supply:


conditions requiring assistance with or information about alternative forms of transport from the premises concerned to be available:


conditions requiring the exclusion of the public from the premises concerned:




requiring alcohol to be sold and supplied on the premises concerned only in containers of certain descriptions; or


requiring alcohol not to be sold and supplied on the premises concerned in containers of certain descriptions:


conditions requiring the filing of returns relating to alcohol sold pursuant to the licence:


any conditions of a kind subject to which any licence may be issued under section 110 or 116:


any reasonable conditions that, in the committee’s opinion, are not inconsistent with this Act.


The licensing committee concerned may do one of the things described in section 119(3) when issuing a special licence for any premises.


The licensing committee concerned must ensure that every special licence it issues is issued subject to conditions—


stating the days on which and the hours during which alcohol may be sold or delivered; and


stating (directly or by description) a place or places on the premises at which drinking water is to be freely available to customers while the event (or any of the events) described in it is taking place.


In deciding the conditions under subsection (3)(a) subject to which a licence is to be issued, the licensing committee concerned may have regard to the site of the premises in relation to neighbouring land use.


Subsection (1)(b) is subject to the Human Rights Act 1993.

Compare: 1989 No 63 s 80