Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

284 Hearing for variation, suspension, or cancellation of special licences under section 283


If the licensing committee is satisfied that any of the grounds specified in section 283(3) is established and that it is desirable to make an order under this section, it may, by order,—


vary or revoke any condition of the licence imposed by the committee; or


impose any new condition (relating to any matter specified in section 147); or


suspend the licence for any period the committee thinks fit; or


cancel the licence.


Instead of making an order under subsection (1), the licensing committee may adjourn the application for any period it thinks fit to give the licensee an opportunity to remedy any matters that the committee may require to be remedied within that period.


If the licensing committee makes an order under this section, the secretary must send a copy to the secretary of the licensing authority.

Compare: 1989 No 63 s 133(5)–(8)