Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

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285 Suspension or cancellation of manager’s certificates


Any constable or any inspector may at any time apply in accordance with this section for an order by the licensing authority—


suspending a manager’s certificate; or


cancelling a manager’s certificate.


Every application for an order under this section must—


be in a form approved by the chief executive after consultation with the chairperson of the licensing authority and be made in the prescribed manner; and


contain the prescribed particulars; and


be made to the licensing authority.


The grounds on which an application for an order under this section may be made are as follows:


that the manager has failed to conduct any licensed premises in a proper manner:


that the conduct of the manager is such as to show that he or she is not a suitable person to hold the certificate.


The secretary of the licensing authority must—


send a copy of the application to the manager and to the licensee of any licensed premises to which any allegations against the manager relate; and


fix the earliest practicable date for a public hearing of the application; and


give at least 10 working days’ notice of the public hearing to the applicant and the manager.


If the licensing authority is satisfied that either of the grounds specified in subsection (3) is established and that it is desirable to make an order under this section, it may, by order,—


suspend the certificate for such period not exceeding 6 months as the licensing authority thinks fit; or


cancel the certificate.


Instead of making an order under subsection (5), the licensing authority may adjourn the application for any period it thinks fit to give the manager an opportunity to remedy any matters that the licensing authority may require to be remedied within that period.

Compare: 1989 No 63 s 135

Section 285(2)(a): replaced, on 29 October 2019, by section 273 of the Tribunals Powers and Procedures Legislation Act 2018 (2018 No 51).