Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

398 Regulations regulating sale of alcohol containing less than 15% ethanol (other than beer, mead, and wine)


This subsection applies to alcohol that—


is not alcohol of one of the following kinds:




fruit or vegetable wine:


grape wine:


mead; and


contains less than 15% ethanol by volume measured at 20°C.


Regulations made under section 397 may regulate or prohibit the sale on licensed premises of alcohol to which subsection (1) applies.


The regulations may apply to all alcohol to which subsection (1) applies, or alcohol of that kind of a stated description.


The description may be stated by reference to any or all of the following characteristics:


the volume of the vessel in which the alcohol is sold:


the proportion by volume (at 20°C) of ethanol in the alcohol:


the amount by volume (at 20°C) of ethanol in the alcohol.


The regulations may apply to all licensed premises, or premises for which a licence of a stated description is held.