Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013

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Subpart 7—Licensing of markets for trading financial products

308 Principles guiding exercise of powers under this subpart

The Minister and the FMA must (without limitation) have regard to the following matters in the exercise of powers under this subpart:


the purposes of this Part (in addition to the main and additional purposes of this Act set out in sections 3 and 4):


the following matters (if relevant):


the nature of the activities conducted, or proposed to be conducted, on the market; and


the size, or proposed size, of the market; and


the nature of the financial products dealt with, or proposed to be dealt with, on the market; and


the persons who participate in, or are likely to participate in, the market (either directly or by using the services of participants); and


the technology used, or proposed to be used, in the operation of the market:


in relation to an application for a licence issued under section 317, or another power under this subpart relating to a market licensed under that section, the matters set out in that section.